Alexander Malefant, a middle-aged an insurance agent, has been assigned to the quaint town of Elora this October 31. The town has been the pumpkin pie capital for the past 50 years and is expecting to keep its title this Halloween. However, Alex witnesses some strange occurrences when he arrives: a young boy nearly drowns while bobbing for apples and a few children are attacked by crows while playing in the school yard. Town odd-ball, Missy Claridge senses something evil coming their way and begs the mayor to postpone the festivities. But the trick-or-treating and high school dance proceed as planned.   While making his appointed rounds that night Alexander witnesses three teenagers egg Missy's house - retribution for trying to shut down their dance. Then he thinks he sees Missy make them disappear. Twenty minutes later  all the children in town go missing! Suspicions point to Missy whom many suspect is a witch. Alexander, by virtue of being a stranger in town, also becomes a suspect. Missy professes her innocence but claims she’s had a premonition that 32 children who died in a fire back in 1958 are trying to return this night to find their killer. And she knows this because the spirit of her unborn child, Chloey told her.   If things weren’t strange enough a psychic named Eli Shrill arrives. The tall, lanky albino says the Devil kidnapped the children and only he can bring them back. Desperate for any solution the townspeople offer him all manner of gifts to do so. By this time all Alexander wants to do is leave town but his sense of direction always brings him back to the same place. He’s trapped.   Frustrated, a few of the townspeople kidnap Missy to the forest and threaten to burn her alive unless she returns the children. She is rescued in the nick of time by Alexander who was led to the spot by a spirit named Chloey.   When they return to town, they find Elora over-run by the spirits of the dead children who have come to destroy everything if they don’t find their murderer. Missy uses her Wiccan powers to return to the past and reveal who was responsible.  




For 50 years the picturesque town of Elora has held its annual Halloween festival. This year something has changed. A boy nearly drowns while bobbing for apples. A group of children are attacked by a flock of crows. Local eccentric, Missy Claridge, senses something ominous and asks the town officials to postpone the upcoming festivities. But her warnings are ignored. That night, while all the kids are trick-or-treating, they suddenly disappear. Soon, every person becomes a suspect as residents frantically try to discover what happened to the children and how to get them back.




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